A list of the competitions hosted by the club (with prizes)

Sep 8, 2010

The Photos Challenge

Update: The deadline has been extended! Your games are now due on Tuesday, October 19.

The theme of the first game challenge of the semester is "photos"!


What does this mean for you, the aspiring gamesmith? It means that you must make a game tangentially related to photos in some form. It could use photographs for graphics. It could use a game mechanic somehow related to photography. It could involve a physical camera. Remember, it doesn't have to be a video game—it could be a board game or a variant on tag! Basically, if you can BS us into thinking that it's related to photos, you're in. And we know you can. You're a college student.


This time around, we decided to prod the introverts a little by putting people into teams. You can still form your own teams, if you want, but it might be fun to work with someone random.

If you signed up at the meeting, you should have received an email telling you who your teammates are. We took care to put an experienced member in every team; if you need help, Marek, Cindy, Alex Kerr, David Do, Kelsey, Euclid, Kristopher, or Patrick would be a good first person to ask.

If you didn't sign up, or haven't been put in a team for some other reason, you can ask on the mailing list and we'll help you out. Don't worry, you needn't have attended the meeting or anything; you can just pop in out of the blue and you'll be more than welcome.

Official Rules

this part is so boring

  • You may work in teams of up to 5 people.
  • You may use existing assets for this challenge, provided you have the right to use them. Try Creative Commons-licensed photos on Flickr!
  • Your game must be related somehow, anyhow, to photos.
  • Your game is due on October 5th October 19th!

Have fun and make games!

Feb 6, 2010

The Asynchronous Collaboration Game Challenge, Part I (Rules)

2D and 3D elephants making music

This post is way too long! Just read the bullet points at the end.

Our next challenge is a two-parter! In Part I, you are tasked with designing your game's gameplay and assets.

In Part II, you are tasked with coding together someone else's game, but we'll worry about that in a few weeks.

Does the prospect of making a game without learning to code appeal to you? Well get your head out of the cloud, buster, it's not as easy as your daydreams make it out to be. There are some barriers, technical and human, which you need to deal with.

The Technical (or: The Rules)

To be eligible to compete, and to be awesome, your game must incorporate at least two of the following keywords: animalsfood, future, and snow. How you incorporate them is up to you!

Here's the tricky part. If you want something in the game, you have to make it yourself. Do you want your guy to be able to run and jump to the left and the right? If you don't want your game looking like Karoshi, where the main guy is facing forward the whole time, you have to draw all of those pictures! Don't worry, it doesn't take as long as you fear. I drew this guy in a minute: low-quality walking animation Imagine what you can do with ten minutes.

If you have a grander vision, however, you are welcome to team up with people. Teams can be up to three people in size. Have one person draw the backgrounds and one person draw the sprites and one person compose the music, I dunno! (You can also make THREE DEE MODELS, if that's your thing.)

That's one reason you should bring stuff you've made to the next meeting: you can see who's interested in what and team up with people who complement you. Don't worry if you suck at everything; all of us suck at everything! That's why we're in college.

The deadline for this thing is March 2nd. Establish your vision by then.

The Human (or: Protips)

You'll want to make your game design as detailed as possible. Otherwise the programmer could misunderstand your vision! Make sure you write down exactly what you have in mind. Draw levels on graph paper, specify speeds of things in pixels per second, write down text exactly how you want it to be worded. Coding a game is hard work; the programmer has enough on his plate without having to make arbitrary decisions all the time.

Remember, though, coding is hard. Keep your game simple. If you make your game design too complicated, the programmer won't have time to finish it all—he might just pick the funnest subset of your game to make, or worse, skip it entirely! Take a look at some existing games we've made to get an idea of what a reasonable scope is.


  • Form teams of 1 - 3 people to design a game. People cannot be on multiple teams.
  • Design the game, but don't create the game: describe the game in words, and provide assets (art and sound) for it.
  • Game designs must match at least two of these keywords: food, future, snow, animals
  • Game design descriptions should be as detailed as possible so that the game design is not misunderstood
  • Game designs should be easy to implement, because some of them will be implemented in the next challenge
  • There will be prizes
  • The design is due in four weeks, at the meeting on March 2nd
Oct 26, 2009

Facebook Game Dev Challenge (Rules)

You have six weeks to make a Facebook game!

Team leaders must use this site (link) to list their teams and track progress. This site will keep you on track and help you collaborate with team members.


  • 1 - 5 people per team; members do not need to be students, but they must attend at least one of our meetings this semester
  • Games must be original
  • Games must use the Facebook platform
  • Art and sound assets must not be copyrighted
  • Teams should meet the schedule below
  • You must allow this site to link to your Facebook game

Important dates:

  • October 22
    • Challenge starts
  • November 5, end of week 2
    • Teams must be finalized
  • November 12, end of week 3
    • General game design must be submitted
  • November 26, end of week 5
    • Games must be playable and public
  • December 3, end of week 6
    • Challenge ends
    • Games are presented

Prizes are tentative / will be announced soon.

See you in the winners' circle! ^_^

Oct 10, 2009

The Collaborative Game Challenge (Winners)

Here are the games we made for the Collaborative Challenge!
To play these games, click on "related posts" at the bottom of this post.

Winners, tied for first place, are Intergalactic Planetary Super Showdown And Nyx.
Cygnus the Cutie was a close runner-up.

Gravity Flyer from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Cygnus the Cutie from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Intergalactic Planetary Super Showdown from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

NYX from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Sep 11, 2009

The Collaborative Game Challenge (Rules)

The Collaborative Game Challenge starts now!
Game entries are due on October 7, 2009.

Students from SJSU and Cogswell Polytechnical College are working together to make games. Although some teams have been formed already, you can still use this Google group to find or form a team. Following these instructions, students are posting to list their skills and the types of teams they would like to join. If you haven't posted yet, please do, then either try to start a team or ask others if you can join their team.

Challenge dates:

  • Thursday September 10th: rules are announced and challenge starts
  • Thursday September 24th: (optional) teams may presents previews of their games
  • Wednesday October 7th: game entries are due by email
  • Thursday October 8th: teams will present their games
  • October 15-21: team members vote for the best entries (see website for details)
  • Thursday October 22: winners are announced and prizes are awarded

Main rules:

  • Game entries must match at least one of these tags / themes: 4th wall, building, coloring, and gravity
  • Game must be completable in less than five minutes
  • Teams must have 1 - 5 people, from Cogswell / SJSU
  • Code and artwork must be made by the team members

Complete rules

The challenge starts on Thursday, September 10, 2009
Entries must be received by Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 8AM. (That means, submit on the previous day.)
Games will be presented at the SJSU Game Dev meeting on Thursday, October 8, 2009

Challenge entry rules:

  • The game must be fully completable in less than five minutes
  • The game must match one of these tags: 4th wall, building, coloring, and gravity.

To be eligible for prizes:

  • Teams must announce their team name and members on the Challenge Google Group (one post per team), by Thursday, September 24
  • Teams must have 1 - 5 people, and people cannot be on multiple teams. Team members must be associated with either Cogswell or SJSU
  • The SJSU Game Dev Club must receive permission to post at least one of the following for each entry on the website: executable, source, screenshots, or presentation video
  • The game and its code (excepting code libraries) must be new and made by team members, after the start date of the competition
  • All artwork must be created by members of the team
  • The team must either make included sound and music, or get permission for all sound and music used
  • At least one member of each team must be present at the meeting on Thursday, October 8 to demo their game. (For non-Windows games: bring your own laptop!)


  • Submissions must be received at [email protected] before 8AM, Thursday, October 8, 2009
  • Submissions should include all of the following: game name, source code, Windows executable (not necessary for Linux / Mac - only games) or SWF / link to SWF, two screenshots, list of team members / positions and team name, and what the team will allow on the website (ie do they want the source code posted?)

Judging and prizes:

  • Games will be posted on the SJSU Game Dev website by Thursday, October 15, so everyone can review them
  • Every member of each team that submits a game should review the games after that date, pick two different games to vote for (members cannot vote for their own games), and email their votes to [email protected] by Wednesday, October 21 (voting is optional)
  • The two games with the most votes will win * (in case of tie: prizes will be awarded to 3 teams if there is a 2-way tie for second or 3-way tie for first; other ties will be broken with some form of re-voting)
  • Each member of the winning teams will receive one prize (prizes include XBox 360 games, PC games, and a variety of Microsoft hardware)
  • Prizes will be awarded at the meeting two weeks after the game presentations, on Thursday, October 22 (members do not need to be present to collect prizes)

* At some point before the challenge ends, we may announce that more than two teams will win (don't count on it)

Apr 28, 2009

Tower Defense Challenge (Winners)

Here are our Tower Defense games!
Wave[z] won the challenge, and Operation Flytrap and AG! It's a 3D Tower Defense tied for second place.
Click on "related posts" at the bottom of this post to play the entries, but not all of them are posted here.

Home Defense from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Tower of Mediocrity from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Wave[Z] from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Operation Flytrap from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Zune Defense from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

AG! It's a 3D TOWER Defense from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Untitled Tower Defense from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Mar 23, 2009

Tower Defense Challenge (Rules)

Thanks for everyone who participated in the last challenge. We will post the video of the winners soon! In the mean time, here are the rules for the newest challenge!

Tower Defense:

- At least one map

- At least 3 Tower types

- At least 5 waves of creeps

- It may be developed for any platform

Prizes will be announced on the day of; however, please remember how awesome the prizes were last time :)! Plus you will be praised in the Game Dev and CS club for your awesomeness.

This may be judged by a vote or by a panel (not sure yet, Edgar and I both want to participate)

Grading Criteria:

- Mechanics

- Game Play

- Graphics/Audio

- Polish

Tentative Deadline: Monday, April 27th, 2009 at 5:00pm ( a little more than a month from now )

We will also have a speaker on that day! ( will be announced and confirmed soon )

Good Luck!

Mar 17, 2009
Feb 19, 2009

Shmup Challenge (Rules)

Hi Everyone,

This was a little later than anticipated; however, here are the rules for the shmup! Once again you may use any technology that you would like. If you make your game in C#/XNA and you feel that it would have a chance for Imagine Cup I would suggest submitting your entry. Winner of that will get to go to Cairo, Egypt and participate in the internationals and have a chance at winning $25,000

1. 1 Minute of Gameplay (at least)

2. 1 Level (at least)

3. 1 Boss!

4. Teams are allowed and may be as large as you wish.

5. The due date is around March 5th (we will set it in stone within the next week or so)

6. Games will be graded on Mechanics, Design (graphics, game and sound), Fun Factor, and Polish

7. The winners get prizes

8. The judges are Parris and Edgar (they may be bribed (jk))

9. Top 3 will get posted on!!!

Dec 3, 2008

8-bit Challenge (Winners)

Here are the entries from the 8-bit challenge!

"Vanguarder" by Edgar, Robert, and Cliff

Vanguarder from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Tactics This" by Michael and John.

Tactics This from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Other People" by Kelsey

Other People from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Mediocre Man" by Pauline, Gizelle, Parris, and Wally

Mediocre Man from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Oct 29, 2008

8-bit Challenge (Rules)

We are proud to present our second game challenge of the Fall 2008 Semester hereby to be referred to as the 8-bit challenge. The rules are quite simple and are as follows:

- Games must simply feel asthetically 'retro'
- Must resurrect a classic game genre
- Games may be direct clones, slight upgrades, or variations on original titles during that time period
- Mini Presentation due Thursday, November 13th
- Final Presentation due Tuesday December 2nd
- Projects may be developed for any platform
- Projects may feature newer technologies

Resource websites:
Various sprites:
Megaman sprites:
Sonic/others? sprites:

We do not have resources for game music yet; however, visit our google group and talk to your fellow members for further assistance!!!


Oct 1, 2008

Pong Challenge (Winners)

Here are the entries for the pong challenge.

"Pong+" by Edgar, Cliff, Sri, Dzung, and Shea

Pong+ from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Circle Pong" by Robert

Circle Pong from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Pi Pong" by Kelsey

Pi Pong from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Pong" by Victor

Pong Variation from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Audio Pong" by Parris and Marek

Audio Pong from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"Our Pong Game" by John and Anhkhoa

Our Pong Game from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

"3D Pong" by Alex

3D Pong from SJSU Game Dev on Vimeo.

Sep 19, 2008

Pong Challenge (Rules)

Pong Competition Information

Create a version or variation on Pong. This could be as simple or as complex as the group wishes; however, time is limited.

People may work in teams to reach the goal. People or teams may use any platform and resources that they wish. Copyrighted art material, not owned by a group member, may not be used. If you have not been able to make it to any of the club meetings, this is a great way to get involved!
The initial due date is used to show a alpha version of your game. You may then refine it for the final due date. The Dev-a-thon is an optional event in which a facility will be provided for your group to meet. If you were not able to make it to the last meeting, and still want to participate let me know and I will put you on a team.

*Dev-a-thon (optional):*
Friday, September 26th, 2008
Computer Science Club
Macquarrie Hall 222

*Initial Due Date:*
Friday, September 26th, 2008 by midnight
Submit via Email to [email protected]
If your file sizes are too huge email the same address and ask for an FTP account or discuss other ways.

*Final Due Date and Presentation:*
Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Ohlone Room, San Jose Student Union
Starts at 7:00pm