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Never made a game before? Go to  sortingh.at, it's the fastest way to start.


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Operation Flytrap
The Shmup of Death

Pew Pew

Capture flags, fight for planets, duel to the death, or play a game of tag with astronomically large robots jumping from planet to planet.

Made for 2 Player Challenge

Dorcha Banphrionsa

Sarahen and Devilan, princesses of the Dark Kingdom of Tenumbrus, were
kept isolated in their castle, away from the rest of the world's light. Tired of being confined to their rooms,
the sisters escaped from the shadows and fled into the outside world.

Little that they knew, the outside world seemed to have something against them:
their kingdom is in the midst of war with the Light Kingdom's Mystik
Cavalries, and the dark monsters, fearing for their princesses'
safety, are trying to bring them back to the castle.

The tale of the Tenumbrus Princesses has just begun.

Player 1:

Up = W
Left = A
Down = S
Right = D

Light Attack = F
Hard Attack = G
Special Attack = H

Player 2:

Up =
Left =
Down =
Right =

Light Attack = K
Hard Attack = L
Special Attack = ;

Made for 2 Player Challenge

Dungeon Game
Kelsey Higham
Apr 22, 2013

WEBSITE button!

Figure 1

If your game is on another site on the Internet — for example, if it's a Flash or Unity game, or it's in an app store, or it was made for another site's competition — you can now put a WEBSITE button where the DOWNLOAD button normally is.

Check out Kill the Bunnies (Fig. 1) to see it in action!

Kelsey Higham
Apr 19, 2013

Maya Tutorial Video

Daniel has uploaded a video of Jimi's Maya tutorial! It's a featured event on the Events page, or you can watch it right below this sentence.

Kelsey Higham
Apr 19, 2013



Kelsey Higham
Apr 16, 2013


Our videographer Daniel Wilson just uploaded a ton of videos!

On the Events page, you can find Gavin's Blender tutorial and my Game Maker tutorial, also embedded below:

blender1, blender2, blender3

On our Vimeo page, you can find the videos for the games Bob the Blender, Fruit Thief, Mr. Monkey's Revenge, and Fairy Invasion, also embedded below:

World Defender

Defend your world from incoming alien invaders using your orbital defensive turbo laser cannon turret. Earn weapon upgrades such as rapid fire, damage increase, knockback bonuses, explosive upgrades, and more as you progress through the game and see how well you did in the high scores. Don't let the aliens disable your planetary shield, or the game is over!


Made for Miscellaneous

Apr 4, 2013

Events Update!

As some of you may have noticed, the site hasn't been updated with more awesome events in a while. Now that the officers have finally shaken off Spring Break fever, there are now tons of new stuff happening for our club!

TOMORROW is another Windows 8 App event, which will take place between 10 am to 5 pm at Room 241. Make games, get money!! If that's not enough, there will be free pizza!

You can find more info at the Facebook event page here.

APRIL 11th! IAN STOCKER!, the creator of Escape Goat will be giving a postmortem of his game and Q&A session. This is the first guest speaker the club has gotten in a while so don't miss the chance to attend this meeting! You may learn something new for your future game development career.

Check out Ian Stocker's game here.

Don't forget to come up with questions to ask!

Interested in creating your own 3-D characters or objects for your game? On April 18th is the Maya Tutorial with Jimi Youm, an Animation/Illustration student, who specializes in 3-D modeling.
You can get Autodesk Maya and other Autodesk software as a student from here. Jimi will be going over the basics on Maya.

April 25 is when your games for the second game challenge are due. Try to get them done by this date because we want to put them in the End of the Year Game Gallery Show to showcase the hard work you guys put out through the semester!

On May 2nd is a bit of a follow up for the Maya tutorial. Jared Mills, another Animation/Illustration student and Tim Huynh, a Computer Science major, will be leading a Source Engine/Hammer tutorial. They will go over on how to export Maya/Blender models into Source, and the level editor.

For dates and times for the events listed, check out the Events page!

Kelsey Higham
Apr 4, 2013

Officer Job Descriptions

Here are the job descriptions we wrote last year:

Moon Lander Target Landing

A lunar lander simulation game where you try to land safely at a target without running out of fuel or crashing.

Made for Miscellaneous


Sometimes it is hard living in a world where you feel isolated from everyone.

Made for Miscellaneous

Capture Pac-Man

A strategy game where you command ghosts to chase after Pac-Man and prevent him from eating all the dots. You could try trapping him in a corner, or sneaking up on him, but be warned, Pac-Man is very clever!

Use the mouse to command ghosts around, RTS style.

Designed for Windows 8 touch screen tablet.

Made for Miscellaneous

Fairy Invasion

Fairies run away from their predators by warping to another planet, but they were followed. Fight back against the pursuers!


Re-uploaded with a single executable.

Fairy Invasion Note


Player Controls

-Player 1-

Move/Angle: W, A, S, D
Shot: F
Melee: G
Hyper: H
Speed Boost: C
Wing Color: V
Indicator: B

-Player 2-

Move/Angle: , , ,
Shot: K
Melee: L
Hyper: ;
Speed Boost: ,
Wing Color: .
Indicator: /

-Player 3*-

Move/Angle: Numpad 8, Numpad 4, Numpad 5, Numpad 6
Shot: Numpad 7
Melee: Numpad 9
Hyper: Numpad +
Speed Boost: Numpad 1
Wing Color: Numpad 2
Indicator: Numpad 3

-Player 4*-

Move/Angle: Equals, LeftBracket, RightBracket, BackSlash
Shot: Insert
Melee: Home
Hyper: PgUp
Speed Boost: Delete
Wing Color: End
Indicator: PgDn


*It is recommended to use the gamepad controllers using
JoyToKey to make local multiplayer comfortable to play.

Download JoyToKey =




HP. When HP reaches less or equal to 0, your fairy faints
and unable to control. It will respawn and regain control
again after several seconds.

Hyper. Hyper percentage increases quicker when your fairy
don't attack and using buildings to knockout enemies. At
100%, press the Hyper button to unleash the fairy's power.

Lv. The higher the Lv, the stronger the fairy's attack.



Glenn Pham: character, buildings, effects, and coding
John Pham: character, buildings art
Kristi Loo: character and enemy art
Travis Tran: background and buildings
Laurence Simmonds: title music

Stage and Boss music are from the visual novel of Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Made for The Juicy Challenge

Bob the Blender

Bob the Blender is a tablet touch screen styled video game where you catch falling fruit and blend it into a delicious - or not so delicious - smoothie for your customer. You play as Bob, the underpaid yet highly energetic college student working in a fruit blending smoothie shop.
Use the mouse to move your hands around and catch falling fruit, click on the blender to start blending some juice, click on the trash can to throw away fruits you don't want to use. Try to give your customers the combination they ask for without throwing away too much fruit!

Made for The Juicy Challenge

Mr. Monkey's Revenge

Help Mr. Monkey take back his neighborhood from the flamboyant, wizardy-looking human. Navigate through the maze using only banana's to defend yourself from the wizard's minions. You're a monkey, so be careful! You've only got one life.

Press Space to shoot.

Made for The Juicy Challenge

Mar 4, 2013


If you didn't know by now, there are a ton of cool events that are coming for the club!

Next week's meeting is just a workday for people's games. Be prepared to show off a prototype for this meeting! Remember that the games are due on March 21st!!

The sign up for GDC is closed! But if you really, really, really want to go, you can possibly bribe the President to slide you in ;) (haha don't do that, just ask Patrick!) Do this by next meeting!

Also by next meeting, for the people who have signed up for GDC, please talk to Michael Wu or Patrick to sign the waiver to go to GDC! If you don't do this, you may end up paying fully to go to the conference.

On March 14th, Gavin, our VP, will be giving a talk/tutorial for Blender! You can download the program here: http://www.blender.org/

On April 11th, we have a VERY SPECIAL TREAT: the creator of Escape Goat will be giving a talk. This is the first guest presentation the club has had in a while, so do not miss the opportunity to come! Check out the trailer for the game: http://www.magicaltimebean.com/escape-goat/

Kelsey Higham
Mar 3, 2013

More profile links!

You know how you can edit your profile to add links to your various online identities? Well, I added a few general-purpose ones:

And some domain-specific ones, so you can show off what you can make:

Plus, now you can add as many miscellaneous links as you want, if you've got a bunch of other links you want to include:

Example 1Example 2

Look at LibrarianBot to see a grid of all the link types.

Feb 22, 2013

JUICY!! (1)

First GAME CHALLENGE of the Semester: Juicy Games! They are due on March 14th!

Here is the video that was shown during the meeting, explaining what juicy games are:


Star Fighter

If you feel any of the following symptoms: The need to fly around in 3D space, the need to blow up asteroids, or the need to gaze upon large space ships, planets, and moons from a small star fighter, then you may have a serious case of space flight deprivation.

Luckily, there is a cure.

I came up with this cure for space flight deprivation in about 8 hours, it's not FDA approved yet, so use it at your own risk.

W and S or and to increase / decrease throttle.

Use the mouse to rotate the view.

Hold the left mouse button to fire your space craft's turbo laser cannons.

Hold Ctrl to rotate the view without rotating the space ship.

Made for Miscellaneous

Feb 8, 2013

Info/Game Night

Hey all!

If you missed tonight's info night (for the newcomers from the Student Org Fair) and game night, here's Kristi's adventurous summary of what's going to come up for our club this month!

*a TEXT WALL draws near! Command?*
> Read | Skim | Comment | Like

Hello, everyone!

Rockage is this coming weekend! We need people to go and represent the club! There'll be lots of video games to play and cool video game music to listen to! We'll also have an arcade cabinet with some of the club's past games showcased there. Check it out! http://rockagesj.tumblr.com/

As for next week's meeting, (2/14) will be a Game Maker Tutorial w/ Allen Francisco! Not sure where to start with making some cool games? Next week's meeting would be a great date to stop by! Game Maker's a very versatile program that can make a bunch of different flavored games, as shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn6W-5FbXGo

Current Schedule for February:
> Feb 14th ~ Game Maker Tutorial w/ Allen Francisco
> Feb 21st ~ First Game Challenge Announcement and Team forming
*If you cannot attend this day but would like to participate in the challenge, please email Patrick at [[email protected]]

Other events coming with a TBA date:
> Blender Tutorial w/ Gavin Higham
> Source/Hammer Tutorial w/ Tim Huynh and Jared Mills
> Maya Tutorial
> Klik of the Month w/ the Glorious Trainwrecks
-every 3rd Saturday of the month: make a game in 2 hours
> Game Making Hack-a-thon
-Same as the Klik of the Month, except it's a whole 24 hours instead

Hope to see you all next meeting!
-Kristi Loo

Also, a round of applause to our WEBMISTRESS, Kelsey, for the redesign of the website! If you see him, make time to sacrifice a newborn baby animal in his honor! :D Compliments are also welcome.


Swing through over 10 challenging levels!
Avoid the seekers, and escape to the exit!
Can you get the goal before they get you?

Controls: Left Click

Made for Miscellaneous

Kelsey Higham
Jan 29, 2013

First Meeting of the Semester

I'll let Kristi do the talking:

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great winter break!

There is a Game Dev Club meeting this Thursday (1/31). Same time, same place, 7:15pm at Art 241. We'll be doing intros and going over what to look forward to for this semester. We'll also go over what we do in the club for any newbies that would like to join us on Thursday.

Hope to see you all there!
-Kristi Loo


A game wherein you jump through levels and collect coins. Don't fall in the fire!


Made for The Platformer Challenge

Dec 5, 2012

Photos from the Glitch Gallery Opening! (1)

If you missed the opening of the Glitch Gallery last night, don't fret! We uploaded some photos from last night!

Check them out here.

Don't forget that tomorrow's meeting is a GAME NIGHT! There will be an appearance of a Wii U and an Xbox. There will also be some TF2 and Realm of the Mad God.

Trapped in an Arcade

Somehow, don't ask me how, you managed to get yourself stuck in an arcade cabinet. Now you must beat all of it's games in order to escape. Have fun!

Platform Game:

Press A and D to move left and right.

Press F to jump.

Press G to disable energy barriers.

Boat Racing Game:

Press A and D to move left and right.

Press F to switch engine on and off.


Press W
to move.

Press F to shoot your weapon.


Press W
to move forward and backwards and turn the view.

Press F and H to move left and right.

Press G to shoot your weapon.

Strategy Game:

Press W
to move the view.

Press F to select units while hovering over them.

Press G to tell selected units where to move.

Press H to deselect selected units.

Made for The Cabinet Challenge

Kelsey Higham
Nov 17, 2012

Controls for the Cabinet Challenge (2)

Above is the button layout for the arcade cabinet!

Below are some more details.

Menu controls

Navigate: W

P1 Start (left green button): 1
Note for picky developers: You can also support F if you want!

Quit game (both green buttons simultaneously): Esc

P2 Start (right green button): 2
Note for picky developers: You might want to make 2 toggle between single-player and multiplayer. Obviously, you won't need to do that if your game is single-player- or multiplayer-only.
2nd note for picky developers: You can also support K (on the cabinet) and ; (on the keyboard) if you want!

How to tell players about the controls

You'll have to tell arcade cabinet players about the controls in-game, because they won't get to see a README or description. You can use any part of the photo/diagram above for this, if that helps!

Remember that the buttons on the cabinet are unlabeled, so you need to provide visual diagrams to tell them what buttons to press. You can rely on the colors of the buttons, for this particular cabinet. (If you're making a game in John's class, that cabinet doesn't have colored buttons.)

Keyboard players will see any description or README you provide, so you don't have to tell them the controls in-game.

Some weird concerns about Player 2's controls

This part is for nerds!

Because of the keys we picked, for player 2, the cabinet's joystick will be under their left hand; whereas the computer's arrow keys will be under their right hand.

Keyboard: KL;

This means that on the cabinet, the right index finger will be on the K button; whereas on the computer, the left index finger will be on the ; key.

If you care a lot about making the controls work well for both platforms, you have a few options:

  • limit the number of keys to 4, and mirror them, like ABA
  • have an option in-game for players to pick between the cabinet layout and the keyboard layout (Be sure to default to the cabinet layout!)

Controls you can copy and paste

Menu controls

Navigate: W

<kbd class=box><kbd class=invisible> </kbd><kbd>W</kbd>

P1 Start (left green button): 1

Quit game (both green buttons simultaneously): Esc

P2 Start (right green button): 2

Player 1 controls

Start (left green button): 1

Joystick: W

<kbd class=box><kbd class=invisible> </kbd><kbd>W</kbd>

Buttons:     FGH

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<kbd class=box><kbd>F</kbd><kbd>G</kbd><kbd>H</kbd>

Player 2 controls

Start (right green button): 2


<kbd class=box><kbd class=invisible> </kbd><kbd></kbd>

Buttons: KL;

<kbd class=box><kbd>K</kbd><kbd>L</kbd><kbd>;</kbd>

Some Game Maker help from Glenn

I made the gmtg file for Game Maker Drag & Drop users so they can load in their project and use it like normal. I also provide instruction in the txt for both D&D users and Scripters.


- Glenn Pham

Here are the things he mentioned:


Random Games

⚅ GOTW ⚅

This Month's Games