Game Dev Updates - GLOBAL GAME JAM

Jan 6, 2016

What’s cooking Game Dev.?

The deadline for the T-shirt contest has passed. However if you could send them to [email protected] before the end of this week (Sunday @ 11:59 pm), they will be included in the contest. Voting will take place next week (Monday @ 3:00 pm) and end on January 25th at 11:59 pm.

Global Game Jam is taking place from January 29th – 31st. If you are interested in participating in this free event, please PLEASE sign up here: It is very important for you to sign up in order for us to determine the amount of food to buy. We also need to reserve a room to accommodate the amount of people coming. It is also very important to show general interest in actually participating in Global Game Jam on campus to see if it is worth our time. DON’T ASSUME THAT THIS GAME JAM IS GOING TO HAPPEN EVEN IF YOU DON’T SIGN UP. I also encourage everyone to participate in this Game Jam because it is truly a very fun learning experience that will get you to make a game. Don’t worry if you feel like you are not experienced enough with your coding or art, this is just a fun learning opportunity to better yourself. If anybody wants to help (I’m begging for your help), come talk to me about this. I need club support because I’m just one person.

-With love,
Antonio Jimenez


The college enlists new staff each year which endeavor to improve the college in a more great way. The welcome them this year too.

This node is going to help me a lot for sure, but I need to know what can be done for my math genius. This is what I need to have and I will be asking more people about it in coming days for sure.