Game Dev Updates - ALOTTA STUFF

Nov 17, 2015

Hello Game Dev.,

There are a quite a bit of announcements, but please read through all of it. This upcoming Thursday we are having a SPECIAL GUEST: Angela Wu, who was able to successfully fund her game, Grimwood, on Kickstarter. So come by and learn more about her process for making the game. Also, THERE WILL BE A T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST from now till December 4th. So if you want to see your logo on our Game Dev. shirts next semester, participate foo and get started on those designs. A guideline/submission page will be opened up later on this week. Speaking of December 4th, THAT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE WHEN WE ARE PRESENTING OUR GAMES, so come and show off what you’ve been doing this month. Again, we’re keeping in mind that people were a bit busy this past month and a half due to midterms. So don’t worry and show off what you got. Also, INTERNATIONAL GAMES DAY is coming up this Saturday in the MLK Library from 11 am – 6 pm. If you are interested in helping out, come by room 219 in the MLK library on November 18th (Tomorrow) at 1:00 pm. Also, the CSU EAST BAY GAME JAM is coming up. So if you are interested please sign up here: A shuttle will not be provided, but I hope that doesn’t deterrent you from trying to go. I’m also hoping to have a little GAME DAY for us on December 10th, so if you’re interested fill out this survey: . Lastly, I would like to CONGRADULATE Arthur, Joshua, Tamara, Elle, Matt, David, and Azura for getting 3rd place in the San Jose Innovation Challenge and winning the People’s Choice Award with their video game, Carbon Runner. That’s really tight.

-Antonio Jimenez