Game Dev Updates - A Flurry of Events

Nov 10, 2015

Hey Game Dev,

This upcoming Game Dev. meeting is going to be another work day, so come and work on your games. Also, here are the events that are coming up:

-International Games Day on Nov 21st at 11:00 am – 6 pm on the second floor of the MLK Library. If you are interested in helping out, please come and ask one of the officers to help out.

-Gamestop Hackathon on November 13th 9:00 am – November 14th 4:00 pm in Spartan Complex 178

-CSU East Bay Game Jam on Nov 20th – Nov 22nd. If you express any interest in going to this game jam, please sign up here before the end of this week: I think it is worth the trip because it will allow you to be surrounded with like-minded people who just want to make games and game jams are a great way to improve your own game-making skills.

Also, Angela Wu is coming over to Game Dev. on Nov. 19th and she is going to talk about her successful Kickstarter that she ran to fund her game, Grimwood.

-Stay fresh,
Antonio Jimenez


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