We are done with Extra Life!

Nov 6, 2015

Extra Life for us is over, but it is still the beginning.

I want to thank everyone that donated to the Extra Life Charity Stream. I want to thank everyone that made it possible, such as the restaurant, AFKgg, who lent us a computer to stream from, Garret Cooper who gave us steam codes for his video game: “Black Ice”, Magfest who gave us passes for Magfest to give out during our stream, GaymerX who gave us steam codes for the game: “Read Only Memories”, the Martin Luther King Library for giving us a space to stream the event (shout-out to Teresa Slovokia), Daniel Ross who help set up the stream on youtube, Erin Gunderud for organizing the streamers to stream, and Pauline Pham for touching up the flyers for this event. I want to thank the viewers who had the time to take a look at the channel and possibly shared it to other friends. I also want to thank all of the streamers who were willing to give up an hour of their time to help us out. Without everyone working together, we wouldn’t have been able to raise $874.95 for the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Even though we didn’t reach our goal of $1,000 like last year, we were still able to raise 87% of that, which is hella dope. The Extra Life Stream is barely beginning on November 7th, so stay tuned for more streams and maybe help other people reach their goals.

-Antonio Jimenez