Game Dev Updates - Game Night

Oct 5, 2015

Hello Game Dev.,

This upcoming week we are having a Game Night, so bring your board games, your 3DS’s, and your rich personalities to this wondrous night. Ricky Oliver will be bringing a Wii U with Smash 4 (bring your game cube controllers if you can) to the meeting and Daniel Gonzalez will be bringing his Xbox 360 (bring fightsticks and Xbox 360 controllers if you can) that has a plethora of fighting games on it. We will also have an extra T.V. for one other console that you wish to bring. At the beginning of the meeting next Thursday, a new game challenge will be announced. So now would be the perfect time to recruit new members and create new teams (pls.). Also, I implore you to create an account on our website ( and submit your games in .exe format. It shows that we actually exist and do things ‘n’ stuff. Also, there will be an event called Extra Life Charity Stream where Game Dev. will be streaming games every hour for 24 hours straight on November 5th-6th in the library. If you’re interested in signing up to stream for an hour, there will be a sign-up sheet posted soon (more information also coming up!!!).

-With Love,
Antonio Jimenez