30 April 2015 Meeting

May 5, 2015

Oh snap! Usually, I'll try to have these meeting notes by the Sunday after a meeting, but it's almost finals and I had an essay due. Anyway, here's what happened last meeting:

One of our club members, Theresa, made everyone S'mores Rice Krispies! They tasted delicious, for those of you who missed out. Apparently, she made fudge last time! Hopefully she'll make us something for one of our end of the year parties! Thanks Theresa! Speaking of parties, this week's announcements were all about events.

Technically, this meeting was the last time you could present your game, but you can present during the party too. We will be having our end of the year party this coming meeting on May 7, 2015. Potentially, we can also have a second party on dead day the following week. However, this is still in the works and we'll be taking a vote this coming meeting.

IndieCade submissions have been officially closed! We'll be heading down to Los Angeles with the winning developers. Good luck to the two submissions that have been chosen!

Here's a list of the upcoming events our club will be at:
MAGQuest, the weekend of May 9
Maker's Faire, the weekend of May 16
Subzero, June 6

Here's the official announcement slides: