Officer Election Results for 2015-2016

Apr 26, 2015

Hello all!

This is your brand new secretary, Frankie, speaking. On April 23, 2015 , the SJSU game development club chose their new officers and here are the results:

Co-Presidents: Daniel Evans and Antonio Jimenez
Secretary: Franchesca Natividad
Treasurer: Christopher Lindsay

In an unexpected turn of events, the two opposing candidates running for presidency decided to join forces and tackle next semester as a team. Due to this development, the Vice President office has been left empty. Although, there has been talk of a second election for this spot.

Speaking of things to look forward to, we have our regularly scheduled events this week to attend! Remember this Monday, we'll be having our Prototyping Night in Art Building 241 from 7:30-9:30pm. Later this Wednesday will be lab night for all game development teams in the same place at the same time! Finally, this Saturday from 12-8pm MIS St. Jude Hospital's Stream Fundraiser in MLK Library.

Here's a friendly reminder of events that we will be attending this upcoming month:

MagQuest May 9-10, 2015
Maker Faire May 15-17, 2015
Fanime May 21-25, 2015