Events Update!

Apr 4, 2013

As some of you may have noticed, the site hasn't been updated with more awesome events in a while. Now that the officers have finally shaken off Spring Break fever, there are now tons of new stuff happening for our club!

TOMORROW is another Windows 8 App event, which will take place between 10 am to 5 pm at Room 241. Make games, get money!! If that's not enough, there will be free pizza!

You can find more info at the Facebook event page here.

APRIL 11th! IAN STOCKER!, the creator of Escape Goat will be giving a postmortem of his game and Q&A session. This is the first guest speaker the club has gotten in a while so don't miss the chance to attend this meeting! You may learn something new for your future game development career.

Check out Ian Stocker's game here.

Don't forget to come up with questions to ask!

Interested in creating your own 3-D characters or objects for your game? On April 18th is the Maya Tutorial with Jimi Youm, an Animation/Illustration student, who specializes in 3-D modeling.
You can get Autodesk Maya and other Autodesk software as a student from here. Jimi will be going over the basics on Maya.

April 25 is when your games for the second game challenge are due. Try to get them done by this date because we want to put them in the End of the Year Game Gallery Show to showcase the hard work you guys put out through the semester!

On May 2nd is a bit of a follow up for the Maya tutorial. Jared Mills, another Animation/Illustration student and Tim Huynh, a Computer Science major, will be leading a Source Engine/Hammer tutorial. They will go over on how to export Maya/Blender models into Source, and the level editor.

For dates and times for the events listed, check out the Events page!