Info/Game Night

Feb 8, 2013

Hey all!

If you missed tonight's info night (for the newcomers from the Student Org Fair) and game night, here's Kristi's adventurous summary of what's going to come up for our club this month!

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Hello, everyone!

Rockage is this coming weekend! We need people to go and represent the club! There'll be lots of video games to play and cool video game music to listen to! We'll also have an arcade cabinet with some of the club's past games showcased there. Check it out!

As for next week's meeting, (2/14) will be a Game Maker Tutorial w/ Allen Francisco! Not sure where to start with making some cool games? Next week's meeting would be a great date to stop by! Game Maker's a very versatile program that can make a bunch of different flavored games, as shown here:

Current Schedule for February:
> Feb 14th ~ Game Maker Tutorial w/ Allen Francisco
> Feb 21st ~ First Game Challenge Announcement and Team forming
*If you cannot attend this day but would like to participate in the challenge, please email Patrick at [[email protected]]

Other events coming with a TBA date:
> Blender Tutorial w/ Gavin Higham
> Source/Hammer Tutorial w/ Tim Huynh and Jared Mills
> Maya Tutorial
> Klik of the Month w/ the Glorious Trainwrecks
-every 3rd Saturday of the month: make a game in 2 hours
> Game Making Hack-a-thon
-Same as the Klik of the Month, except it's a whole 24 hours instead

Hope to see you all next meeting!
-Kristi Loo

Also, a round of applause to our WEBMISTRESS, Kelsey, for the redesign of the website! If you see him, make time to sacrifice a newborn baby animal in his honor! :D Compliments are also welcome.