Oct 26, 2012

The SHMUP Challenge, sadly, has concluded! A new challenge has taken its place: The Cabinet Challenge!

But first: VOTE for one of the three games presented tonight!

Mystik Cavalry

The Last Seed

Prismic Shift (trial)

Play them all and vote which game you think should be declared the winner of this challenge!
Shoot an email to: [[email protected]] with your vote! You cannot vote for a game you help make, unfortunately. Try to send in your votes before Sunday, October 28th!

Winners will be announced on the next meeting on November First!

In other news: the next meeting will be a Day of the Dead/Halloween Game Night! Games featured will be Nightmare House, a Half Life 2 horror mod, and Slender: The Eight Pages!

On November 3, SJSU King Library will be holding a Games Day event on the 2nd floor! More info on that event can be seen on the event link here. Clicking on the RSVP button will take you to the Facebook page for the event!