Game Maker tutorials

Kelsey Higham
Sep 13, 2012

Mark Overmars, creator of Game Maker, has created a bunch of tutorials for it.

If you have version 8, you can get them from the main website: Game Maker 8 Tutorials

If you have version 7, you can get them from its wiki: Game Maker 7 Tutorials

(Remember, if you have the Mac version, you have version 7. I know, it's weird.)

Today, I covered some of the stuff in the "Your First Game" tutorial, and Allen covered some of the stuff in the "First Person Shooter" tutorial.

If you're making a platformer, I highly recommend the "Platform Game" tutorial.

So if you missed the meeting today, or you want to supplement what you saw, check those out! Everything I taught today, I learned from those tutorials.


I am using version 8 for now and it works fine for me whenever I do code a new game. The essay pro reviews share this update with me last month and I decided to work on it for now.