Get ready to present your games!

Kelsey Higham
Feb 23, 2012

Your games for the Platformer Challenge are due at the beginning of our next meeting: March 1st at 7:15pm.

There are two things you should do by then!

  1. Upload your game to the website.
  2. Prepare an under-five-minute presentation of your game.

Here's what will happen at the meeting:

  1. Developers will spend up to five minutes each showing off their games.
  2. Then, players will spend like forty minutes playing the new games, on the computers built-in to Art 241.
  3. Once you've played each game, you will cast your vote for which you think is the best!

I was lying

You don't actually have to prepare a presentation. You just have to avoid going over five minutes when you're talking up there. If you have a tendency to ramble, or forget what you have to say? Maybe make a notecard. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

We've had problems with people rambling for fifteen minutes, in the past, which is why I was asked to blog this note.