Events and Meetings

Past Events

Spring 2011

Feb 24: Meeting: Game Maker tutorial!
Feb 19: Event: Game in a Day
Feb 17: Event: Game Night
Feb 10: Meeting: This Week’s Meeting
Feb 3: Meeting: First Meeting of the Semester!

Fall 2010

Oct 2: Event: Fighting Game Tournament
Sept 17: Event: Museum Exhibit and Carpool: Learn to Play
Sept 14: Meeting: Meet your Teams!
Sept 7: Meeting: Fall 2010 Kickoff

Spring 2010

May 11: Meeting: Cryptic Studio's Brian Urbanek on Design (for reals this time)
Apr 27: Meeting: How To Start Your Own Student Game Dev Studio
Apr 17: Event: The Glorious Trainwrecks/Game Dev Club Piggydocumogamesmash!
Apr 6: Meeting: Cryptic Studios's Brian Urbanek on Design
Mar 16: Meeting: Anna Anthropy on Guided Level Design
Mar 2: Meeting: Odds, Ends, and Beginnings
Feb 16: Meeting: Design Docs and Teaming Up
Feb 2: Meeting: Spring 2010 Kickoff

Upcoming Events