Spring 2018: Start!

Jan 26, 2018

Tonight we kicked off the beginning of the Spring semester, with boxes of pizza and bottles of soda. Thanks to everyone who came, including newcomers and returning members.

Our meetings are at Art 241 in the Art Building at SJSU, every Thursday at 7:30 PM. GameDev streaming on Twitch takes place on Sundays at 2 PM in the same location.

If you've had a project you'd like to continue from last semester, or from winter break, go ahead and grab a team and continue developing- and show off what you've got!
If you're starting fresh, this semester's theme is: Escape.

The second meeting of the semester (March 1st) is a highly recommended time to start forming a team and brainstorm ideas. A group from 3-4 is ideal. Try to include diversity in terms of levels of experience.

We're starting a regular, interactive tutorial series this semester by our president, and vice president, Matt and Jeff, for teams and soloists alike. Stay tuned!

Starting this semester we will have more speakers present at our meetings- people showing off their work, devs from successful games, and so on. Carlo will be hosting a series of speakers from Art 133.

Grant showed us his work in progress, a game written directly from hardware- an array of circuit boards that would play a prototype game similar to Pong- incredibly impressive and well on its way in development. Thanks, Grant!


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