Hardcore Pong

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Hardcore Pong is a game developed using Game Maker 8 Pro Edition. The game is a multiplayer fast-paced competitive take on pong. The game features a variety of unique ball types that spawn randomly each round. At the players disposal they also have a set of abilities that they can use to mess with their opponent or to protect themselves. There is no game ending score limit to the game but players can determine the limit themselves.


Yellow Player
W - Up
S - Down
A - Cycle Through Abilities
D - Activate Ability

Green Player
LEFT ARROW - Cycle Through Abilities
RIGHT ARROW - Activate Ability

System Requirements:

Graphics Card (With Updated Drivers)

  • Kitten Image was obtained from http://www.deshow.net/d/file/animal/2009-07/cute-kitten-631-4.jpg
  • Maxim Tiourin:
    Programmer, Sound Engineer, Contributing Artist, Designer
    Kevin Hietala:
    Lead Artist, Designer

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