Kill the Bunnies, etc.

Sep 22, 2011

I have been kind of silent on here because I have been working on the next version of this website, which supports GAME UPLOADING and is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. This is the kind of thing you don't really need to care about, but if you've been like "man, why is there no news, I don't know when the next meeting is", that is the reason.

Kill the Bunnies

Today, during the meeting, I demonstrated KILL THE BUNNIES, a thoroughly distasteful and very simplistic Pong clone. I moved kind of fast, and those of you who paid attention might not have been able to keep up, and THAT'S OKAY. The important thing is that you are sort of more oriented now than you were before, a little bit!

You can play kill the bunnies by going to the page that I just hyperlinked there, did you see it? ^ That has a .zip file which includes a .exe, which is a GAME you can PLAY, and a .gmk, which is Game Maker's native file format.

You can open the .gmk by downloading Game Maker from oh hey more hyperlinks. (Don't worry, it has a free version. I've been using it for almost a decade.) Game Maker itself includes a tutorial when you first open it, which is super handy! You can learn pretty much everything that I demoed today from that tutorial.

More Learning

If you missed today, or you feel really nauseous after attending it, I have good news: There will be a longer, less disorienting tutorial session in the near future!

On the weekend of September 31st, probably either on Friday or on Saturday (it's not decided yet), you are invited to bring your laptops and install Game Maker, and I will manually walk you through the steps to creating a simple game. You can make Pong, or anything the heck else if you don't feel like Pong, within the bizarre-and-sometimes-arbitrary constraints introduced by making a game in two hours.

Even More Learning

If you have any questions about Game Maker, or other game making platforms, ask away on the Facebook group. There are people on the Facebook group, and they can help you. I am among them!


Some people asked about making 3D games. The most beginner-friendly way of making 3D games nowadays is Unity, which also has a free version. Unity is pretty hard to get into if you don't have any experience coding, so I only recommend it if you know what a "for loop" is and how to use it.

Unity is pretty fun for messing around in a 3D environment, and you can use it to make components and levels for 3D games -- so even if you can't code, it's worth downloading for giggles.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be a game night, and it will take place on September 29th at 7pm, and it will take place in the Art building, room 241.

For the rest of the semester, every other week is a game night! Isn't that swell?