The First Three Meetings of the Semester

Aug 9, 2011

Hello, videogame enthusiasts and curious passerby! All are welcome in this strange business.

The first meeting of the semester is September 1st, at 7pm. We will introduce ourselves to each other, find out who likes what kinds of games, and brainstorm some game ideas to get our noodles going. Feel free to come by, even if you have no experience! The goal of this club is to teach ourselves to make games, and that includes those of us who are absolute beginners. At the meeting, we'll announce some stuff on how we'll go about doing that.

The second meeting will be September 8th, during which we will announce our first game challenge of the semester, and some other stuff. More on that later.

The third meeting will be September 15th. This will be a Game Night, which means that we will play videogames and goof off and not get anything done.

See you September 1st!



My class gets out at 7:15 pm Thursdays, I'll be a little late but I'll be there :)