T-Shirt Contest Voting!

Oct 9, 2010

Oh my gosh oh my gosh, we have submissions! To the T-shirt contest!

John Bruneau's Design

Kelsey Higham's Design

Kristi Loo's Design

The picture of those three which you good people like the best
Will be cleaned up and/or refined, then end up on your chest.

To vote for the first, reply to this email with I am inexplicably attracted to John Bruneau's design.
To vote for the second, reply to this email with Kelsey Higham's design could totally take on Chuck Norris's beard.
To vote for the third, reply to this email with I swear, Kristi Loo's design looks just like my favorite teacher in high school.

(Or if you want, you can vote by saying something that isn't stupid, like I vote for John/Kelsey/Kristi's design.)

If you want to keep your vote private, you can email your vote directly to [email protected].

Good luck to the participants!