Event: Klik of the Month SJSU PRO EXTREME

Oct 16, 2010

Glorious Trainwrecks is an online community celebrating the spontaneous creativity that comes from making games using children’s gamemaking tools under severe time constraints.

The third Saturday of every month, they host Klik of the Month, an event where participants are encouraged to use the simplest tools and the lowest standards possible to make a game in two hours.

We've had a few events already where we met up in person an hour ahead, teach you to use Game Maker, and all jam together during the two hours.

Unfortunately, we can't teach this time. But we will be making games, as usual. If you're capable of figuring it out on your own, or you just want to come watch, swing by!

Next month we'll do it better, I promise.


Where: MacQuarrie Hall, room 227, San Jose State University
When: Saturday, October 16, 4pm-6pm.
(Yes, that is thirteen hours from now. This post is mostly an introduction for what's happening next month.)