T-Shirt Contest

Sep 9, 2010

We’ve wanted T-shirts for a long time, so we’re putting a hard deadline on it: October 5th. Whoever submits the coolest T-shirt design to [email protected] by then will be the designer for the shirt that club members will wear! We’ve only got one design so far so GO GO GO.

Wait, What?

Okay I'll give you a bit more detail.

At events like GDC, it would be nice to show our unity by all wearing the exact same thing. The Associated Students at SJSU is willing to pay for such exact same things, which basically means free T-shirts for us! But we have no idea what to put on them.

You should probably keep it down to one or two or three colors, for cheaper printing.

Since the deadline is awfully close, you don't have to make a finalized design; just the best design. Then you can finish it after.

It doesn't have to be a blank shirt with a logo in the middle; it could be any kind of rad design, as long as it's unique to us.

Anyway but yeah it's due October 5th. GO GO GO!