Meeting: Fall 2010 Kickoff (Summary)

Sep 8, 2010

It was a rad start to what is sure to be a rad semester!

We Met Each Other

We've got some computer science people, some art people, some SXM (formerly DMA) ((it's a really obscure major, you probably haven't heard of it)) people, some totally other people. Yay diversity!

We Showed Off Some Games

It was mostly repeats of stuff you can watch in the Games section. If you're unfamiliar with the club, you should check it out! It's a good introduction.

T-Shirt Contest

We've wanted T-shirts for a long time, so we're putting a hard deadline on it: October 5th. Whoever designs the coolest design by then will be the designer for the shirt that club members will wear! We've only got one design so far so GO GO GO. More details here!

The First Challenge

The first game challenge of the semester was announced, with the theme of "photos". More details here!

Some Events

We will be hosting more Glorious Trainwrecks physical meetups because they are totally rad. They're basically three hour events; during the first hour, we teach you to make games. During the next two hours, you make a game. More information to come!

Learn to Play is a videogame art exhibit that will be opening next weekend. You should attend! More information to come.

TIGJam is a three-day event during which you masochistically make several games per day. It's like a sweatshop, but with videogames. A bunch of us will probably be attending. I know I am a broken record but more information to come.

We hope to attend GDC again next year! That will be neat more information to come.

Now you know what happened at the meeting

Isn't the Internet great?