Hullo, Interested Folk!

Sep 1, 2010

Are you new here? THAT IS RAD AND YOU ARE RAD.

If you want to make games but have no idea how, there are some pretty simple steps we can provide.

  • Come to meetings! People will showcase games they've made, and you can meet people to collaborate with.¬†Meetings tend to be every two weeks; look down a bit to see when our first one is.
  • Come to events wherein we will be teaching people to make games! A bunch of people have made their very first videogames at such events. These tend to happen on the third Saturday of every month.

To learn about such meetings and events, you'll have to keep an ear out. There are way too many ways to do this:

Meanwhile, to get an idea of what the club is about, check out some of the things we've made, and watch some of the speakers we've hosted.

Have a nice school year!