The Budget Crisis Game Challenge (Entries)

May 3, 2010

There's no corresponding post with the rules for this competition, because I am a terrible person who hasn't been updating the website, but here is what the rules were, quoted directly from the PowerPoint shown at the meeting:

  • Make a game about the budget crisis!
  • Work on teams of up to 5 people to make a new game
  • Any artwork used must be made by members of the club
  • Any sound / music must be original or in the public domain
  • Each member can only be on one team
  • Games are due at the next meeting, on April 27th

GovernmentRipsoff, by Andrey Andreev

Here's a direct link to the download for the .zip.

Stability, by Kristopher Windsor

Here's a direct link to the download for the .zip.

Budget Crisis 9000, by Chris Nelson

Here's a link to a page with the download.

Budget Game, by Marek Kapolka

Here's a direct link to the .swf, which will open in your browser.