Odds, Ends, and Beginnings (Summary)

Mar 4, 2010

If you didn't come to the meeting, you missed a grand time. But that's okay, because it's my job to summarize it for you!


If you're attending GDC, there's a mandatory informational meeting next Friday Wednesday (March 11th)! We don't know when or where it'll be yet, but it'll be posted on the Facebook event page (so sign up on there to get messages if you haven't already) and there'll be a flyer or something in the CS Club. The informational meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday, March 10, at 7:00 PM, and will start out in front of the Student Union.

The deadline for payment is Tuesday, March 9th, which is five days from now! If you haven't paid yet, get in contact with Cindy through the Facebook page, where her name is spelled Shin Deh.

T-Shirt Design

We're going to be making T-shirts at some point! You can try to design one, but it'll pass through an intensive quality control program, so don't be offended if it gets rejected for being too boring or ugly or something! Here is one which was rejected, how foreboding:

Not that you shouldn't try! You can post attempts and works in progress on the mailing list.

First Phase of the Contest

People presented their designs, shoddy half-designs, assets, and shoddy half-assets! You have like three hours left to submit your own, by the way. I will post them on the website here because we are about to start the

Second Phase of the Contest!

I will be posting the rules to that too, just be patient.


Parris played all the games we made for the Intergalacticollabogamesmash! You can play them yourself here. Those are only the 35 (!) games we made at our physical event; on the Internet, 102 people made 529 games, which you can play here. It was an awesome time, so we will be doing more things like that.

Next Meeting

Anna Anthropy will be our guest speaker! Sweet! More on that later.

Update: The GDC mandatory informational meeting is on Wednesday now! Gosh!