Meeting: Anna Anthropy on Guided Level Design

Mar 9, 2010

Perhaps the flyer which brought you here in the first place??

Anna Anthropy will be presenting at our next meeting on Tuesday, March 16! You should come, even if you're not a part of the club. (Even if you're not a student here! (Even if you're from the Internet.)) I don't know what she'll be talking about, so I'll tell you a few miscellaneous things about her. Or you could just skip this post and play her games.

As a general introduction, Anna is a game designer and critic who excels at telling stories through the medium of games. Rather than relying on the embedded media of text or movies, like most story-based games out there today, she embeds her stories in the gameplay interactions. Literally, she has told a video game love story where the only action you can take, as the player, is to shoot. More abstractly, she's told countless smaller stories in her various games' level designs. She has written extensively about game design and storytelling on her blog, where she has, among other things, dissected the level designs in Super Mario Bros. and Star Guard to find out some of the reasons they're so good.

Since it's right after transgendered awareness week, I feel it's worth mentioning that she's transgendered. Historically, this has been a problem for people in the game industry; the story of Dani Bunten, lead designer of MULE (you should play the online multiplayer version) is a tragic one. Anna's story is more inspiring—it's a testament to the meritocratic nature of the Internet that she became known and respected first, and when people finally figured out that she was biologically male, few really seemed to care. Ultimately, people are more grateful than anything, because she has created some of the few games with non-immature lesbian stories.

She's a judge in the Independent Games Festival, and she's been influential in making the judging process suck less for those whose games were are getting judged.

Also at this meeting

People will show their progress on the current challenge, if they've got anything to show! (I still need to post the rules and the design docs for that thing, sorry. •_•)

We'll probably share anything interesting that happened at GDC this weekend. I'm sure that something interesting will happen at GDC this weekend. (EDIT: Interesting things happened at GDC this weekend!)

People will also make new friends and get along with each other!

Here's the where and the when

Guadalupe room (second floor), Student Union building, San José State University
Tuesday, March 16
7:15pm - 9:15pm

RSVP on Facebook, if you like.