Edusociogamesmash: Games

Mar 22, 2010

We had like fifteen people come to the gamesmash and like ten of them were making games! Like five of them were making games for the first time! That's awesome.

Here are some of the games made for it, in no particular order! Because never actually asked what anyone's name was (oops), they are attributed to usernames.

I Love You But You Kiss Like a Girl, by mkapolk

mkapolk is the one who originally came up with the idea of physically hosting Glorious Trainwrecks events, starting with when we made like 35 games in what we called an Intergalacticollabogamesmash! PROPS TO HIM. He's somewhere in the process of changing majors from Computer Science to Digital Media Arts.

Invasion of the Spiders and the Bee in the Middle, by trimon

I'm pretty sure that this was trimon's first game! Nice. He's some kind of Art major, I think.

Cave Shooter, by Kitaru

Kitaru doesn't look like a nerd, even when he tried on my glasses! I'm not sure how he does it. I'm almost certain that he's a Computer Science major.

Duck Hunt remake, by gregsqueeb

I'm almost certain that a) this was gregsqueeb's first game and that b) he's some kind of Art major! Sweet!

Jumps, by KristopherWindsor

Kristopher couldn't make it in person, but he was with us on the Internet! He's a Computer Science major.

UFO, by GingeRage

GingeRage made his first game, and he's an Art major! There is a pattern here which can be explained by natural phenomena.

THIS IS NOT AN ART GAME, by Cavalcadeofcats

Cavalcadeofcats is actually a University of California, San Diego student! He was visiting because he is home for spring break. He is an HONORARY TEMPORARY member of the Club, or something.

FAKE GAME, by Fake Person

I know there are at least four games that didn't get uploaded! This is unfortunate, it means that not all of our games can be seen. To upload a game, go to the Klik of the Month Klub #33 page and click on upload it here (it's in the post). ((If you were using Game Maker, you'll want to compile an executable--that's a fancy way of saying that you'll want to save the Game Maker file as a .exe. To do that, go to File > Create Executable... or click the equivalent toolbar button. Then right-click on the .exe file and do Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder, so that it's smaller.)) ((If you were using Klik & Play, I can't actually remember the instructions, but I know that only one person was using Klik & Play and that he's smart enough to figure it out. Remember to include the .DLLs in the .zip, Joe! The game won't run without them.))

It's best to include a screenshot--it just is!--and to tag your game with "sjsu", so that we can more easily find the games made at these physical events. Click to see the games we have made at these physical events! If you haven't uploaded a screenshot or you haven't tagged your game with "sjsu", you can find your game and click "Edit" at the top of it to do those.

If you upload your game or add a screenshot, tell me on Facebook (I'm Kelsey Higham) and I'll update this post!