Odds, Ends, and Beginnings

Feb 24, 2010

Oh hey, we have a meeting next Tuesday! There are two important things you should know about it.

GDC Money

If you want to attend GDC with us (about that), you need to bring $75 to this meeting probably. Technically, you need to get it to Cindy by March 9, which is a week later, but she will be at the meeting, so it makes sense to bring it then!

Deadline for the Current Challenge

This meeting Wednesday Thursday at midnight is the deadline for the subtitular current challenge! If you have stuff on a computer, put it in a zip file and email it to [email protected] (that's me) by the end of the meeting Wednesday Thursday, so that I can put it on this website here. If you have stuff on paper, either scan+email it, or bring it to the meeting and we'll have a person with a scanner you can lend it to. If you have stuff made out of clay, man, I really admire that.


Also at this meeting: we'll announce the next challenge (you already pretty much know what it is), and we'll show off any games made during the Intergalacticollabogamesmash! (Which is on Saturday, and which you should attend, because it will be fun fun fun.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
7:15pm – 9:15pm (though it probably won't last nearly that long)
SJSU Student Union, Guadalupe Room
Facebook event details

Update: The new deadline for submission is Wednesday at midnight, not Tuesday at 9:00.

Update update: Haha, now the deadline for submission is Thursday at midnight.