Collaboration Presentations (Summary)

Oct 10, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came to our meeting! We had a great turnout and great pizza!

Teams presented their four new games for the Collaborative Challenge (click that link to see the games), and a Microsoft representative explained the Imagine Cup game development competition, which has some serious prizes.

We then had our guest speaker, Action of ChromaCoders, discuss development of Facebook games. Special thanks for coming and sponsoring the event! :)
In particular, Action noted that some of the most popular games were developed by individuals or small teams, not major companies, and that publishing a Facebook game, even when you need to scale to support many users, is very inexpensive. These games can make a lot of money, especially with in-game micro-transactions. Make Facebook games!!
Action is the author of Build Your Own Successful MMORPG in 3 Days, which you can download here:
Book | Book files