The Shmup of Death

Mar 17, 2009

The Shmup of Death by Alex Kerr (design) and Kristopher Windsor (programming) won first place in the Shmup Challenge. It is written in FreeBasic.


Not dead yet.

This is a simple, keyboard-controlled game of missile avoidance; there are no bonuses.
Despite the fact that the player's ship is a solid green rectangle, this game has decent gameplay and requires quick button pressing. There are a few types of enemies, including a boss, who fires multiple missile patterns. The game plays increasingly hard levels until the player has died. The game is complete and fully playable.
Sound effects and music were provided by third parties (see the readme file).

The Shmup of Death (instant-play version)
The Shmup of Death (with source)
Author's blog post (with a thorough description of the game)