Meeting on Tuesday October 14th, 2008

Oct 13, 2008

Next meeting will be in the Student Union (Guadalupe room)7pm, we will be RE-DOING the presentation, in order to get a better recording of them for the website and so people can have a bit more time to do them. We will also be having a guest speaker come in from San Francisco State University and present a 3d RTS flash game that he's creating.

This is the format of the meeting.

Re-do game presentation
San Francisco State University Student presentation
Q and A

For the re-do of the presentations, we would like for everyone to
follow the following format...

- Talk about what how your game was going to turn out (Game design
talk, tools you were going to use)
- Present the actual game, have other people play the game
- Mini Post-mortem, talk about what went wrong, what you would have
change, etc...

This is just a suggestion, so when millions of people see the video
online, they have a better understanding of awesome your game is ;D.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting!