Game Development Club's 2nd meeting (Fall 2008)

Sep 9, 2008

Time : Tuesday September 16th 7:30pm - 9pm
Place : Student Union, Guadalupe Room

What will be going on?

We will be setting up a carpool for the Independent Game Developers Association's (IGDA) Demo Night @ Cogswell Polytechnical College,. Cogswell is located in Sunnyvale (about a 15 minutes drive on 101 north from SJSU).
Demo Night will be on Wed. September 24th from 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Here is a list of everyone who will be presenting...


Dave Georgeson of Gaia Online presents their upcoming flash based MMO
Simon Amarasingham of dSonic presents an adaptive music demo with Unreal Tournament
Brody Brooks of Cogswell Game Developer's Club presents Beat Down Bob
Autodesk demonstrates their latest 3d animation tool revs
Kurt Larson of Slipgate Ironworks presents the Generative Adaptive Music System (GAMS) for MMO's
Paul Manwell of PX interactive presents the NetDog Networking engine for MMO's
Don McClure of Digital Element, Inc. and Rajan Singh of ToneThis present ZorkSMS on a cellphone
John Lovell of East Bay University demonstrates combArt, an experimental game of Art
Brian Alexakis of UCSC will share adventures on the path from game idea to Sony PSP

You can read all about demo night here:

We will also be talking about the club's first development event! The Pong Development Challenge(hooray!) All details will be covered at the meeting. Board members will also be doing very short presentation on different technology that are available for game development.(Flash, XNA, Gamemake, etc...), in order to give everyone a better idea of what options are there in regards to game development tools.

Hope to see everyone there! Feel free to bring everyone and anyone interested in game development!
Feel free to e-mail me if you have any question/concerns.