Paint Flinger

Jun 1, 2008

Paint Flinger is a game developed in collaboration with Cogswell Polytechnical College. Edgar Miranda (SJSU) was the project lead and programmer, Jon Hoekstra (Cogswell) was the Art Lead, Kevin Speer (Cogswell) and Joyce Ng (Cogswell) provided character art, and Blake McChristian (Cogswell) designed the menu art.



Paint Flinger is a two player game in which each player must try and fling sheep, cows, and ducks onto the other player's sides, in which the animals will proceed to paint the ground when they collide with it . The player to fling the most animals onto the other player's side wins! Extra points are awarded the further an animal is flung. But be warned, trucks and cars sometimes come down the road which makes it difficult to fling animals to the other side!

Paint Flinger (instant-play version)